This is my collage. I showed some of my favorite music artist. I put Brenton Wood, Evelyn Champagne King, Summer Walker, and Drake. I also put makeup brushes because I love doing mine. I just started in early June. I love learning different ways to do my eyebrows and I love wearing different types of lipsticks. I put my guinea pig Alby, shes about 4 or 5 months now. I also put a picture of me and my three close friends. Their names are Andrea, Chris, and Julian. And I love playing soccer but I haven’t played since my freshman year.


This picture is a great example of the rule of thirds. The sunset really gave the Eiffel Tower a lot of contrast.
The sunset gave the mountains a lot of contrast but the colors in the sky are really beautiful.
There’s not a lot of contrast but there the size of the toddler compared to the stair is astonishing.
The lack of light gave the woods a lot of contrast but my eyes really drew me to the deck on the water. And the reflection of the clouds on the water is so pretty.
The black and white in this photo makes the contrast stand out more.
The bright colors make the plants in the photo stand out since the plants are dark.
There’s mainly contrast where the buildings are and what looks like a hot air balloon. But the sky is really eye-catching.
The bright and colorful sky makes the cactus stand out.
The reflection of the arc on the water makes the picture more unique.
The change of color in the sky is unique, and the clouds look surreal.
The low angle really shows the focus on the grass that leads to what looks like a puddle that’s really beautiful.
This picture has a lot of contrast and the method of using the rule of thirds shows the main focus, the bridge and sky.